May 7

08:40-08:45    Welcome note: Prof Bengt Nordén, Chair of Molecular Frontiers Foundation
08:45-09:25    Nobel Laureate AHMED ZEWAIL, California Institute of Technology, United States
Seeing with Electrons in Four Dimensions
09:25-10:05    Prof GEORGE WHITESIDES, Harvard University, United States
Origin of life, and cell-surface biochemistry
10:05-10:35    Coffee break
10:35-11:15    Nobel Laureate ARVID CARLSSON, with Prof ELIAS ERIKSSON, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
Small molecules for signaling in the brain
11:15-11:55    Prof JACQUELINE BARTON, California Institute of Technology, United States
DNA mediated signaling 
11:55-12:55    Lunch break 
12:55-13:35    Prof DAVID BUCKINGHAM, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Chiral discrimination in NMR spectroscopy
13:35-14:15    Prof PETER DERVAN, California Institute of Technology, United States
Transcription Factor Antagonists: From Discovery to Oncology
14:15-14:55     Prof SUSAN LINDQUIST, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States 
Lamarck was right: better living through chemistry.
14:55-15:25     Coffee break
15:25-16:40    Youth Forum (Moderators Prof. Magdalena Eriksson and Dr Per Thoren)
16:40-17:00    Let’s all talk about science (Dr Per Thoren and Dr Elizabeth Ball)


May 8

08:30-09:10    Prof FRANCES ARNOLD, California Institute of Technology, United States
Evolution to expand the enzyme universe 
09:10-09:50    Prof CHRIS DOBSON, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Mechanisms of misfolding proteins 
09:50-10:20    Coffee break
10:20-11:00    Prof RICHARD ZARE, Stanford University, United States
Understanding chemical reactions at the molecular level 
11:00-11:40    Prof. DINSHAW PATEL, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, United States
Cutting-edge RNA slicers
11:40-12:40    Lunch break 
12:40-13:20    Prof. WAH CHIU, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA 
Electron Cryo-Microscopy of Molecular Machines
13:20-14:00    Nobel Laureate SHUJI NAKAMURA, University of California Santa Barbara, United States Invention of Blue LED, Laser and Solid State Light
14:00-14:20    Coffee break 
14:20-15.30    Panel discussion: Science and engineering in and outside of the classroom
(Moderators: Bengt Norden and Dina Petranovic) 
15:30-16:00    Announcement of the winners of the 2015 Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize 
(Moderators Dr Per Thoren and Deborah Donnelly McLay)
16:00-16:15    Conclusion: Prof. BARBARA CANNON, President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
16:15-16:30    Closure: Prof. BENGT NORDEN, Founding Chairman of the Molecular Frontiers Foundation

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